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Irish Genealogy, Irish Surname Research and Irish Historical Research

Dr. Paul MacCotter AGI offers you:

  • Free assessment, no charge for your initial email consultation
  • Member of Accredited Genealogists Ireland, the Irish professional genealogy regulatory body.
  • Offers a Competitively Priced Genealogy Service
  • Expert in Irish genealogy and family history research
  • Specialist in pre-1830 Irish genealogy
  • Surname history consultancy
  • Expert on Irish homestead, land and estate records
  • Lecturer in genealogy and researcher in medieval history in University College Cork
  • Author of a regular surname history column in the ezine www.irishlivesremembered.ie/


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Your Research Starts Here


Genealogy Research

What I offer is a professional and efficient family history research service. There is no charge for an assessment. In this you tell me what you already know and then what your research goals are. Where there is much to do the research can be broken down into stages so that the client is always in charge of the costs Read more …

Surname Research

The unique service offered here is based on my extensive knowledge of late medieval Irish history, the period in which most Irish surnames originate. I have published several detailed surname and lineage studies and supplied others to private clients. Read more …

Historical Research

I have extensive experience of research and publishing in the area of medieval and early modern Irish history. My development as a scholar began with my interest in Anglo-Norman County Cork and subsequently expanded to cover the entire island and to include several other areas of interest, Read more …

About Me


Dr. Paul MacCotter MA, PhD, MAGI, teaches genealogy, family history and medieval history in University College Cork. Since 1993 he has published widely in the fields of genealogy, family history and several branches of Irish medieval history. He has won prestigious research awards, has written four books and nearly sixty journal articles, many of them peer reviewed. He has also contributed to several populist family history and genealogy magazines. 

His book, Medieval Ireland: Territorial, Political and Economic divisions (Four Courts Press, 2008), is the standard reference work on the subject. He lectures regularly at family history and academic conferences and seminars. Click here to see a list of Dr. MacCotter’s publications.

Email: paul@paulmaccotter.com     Tel: +353 85 8172818